Mulder and Scully would love this case

Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception - Washington DC. It is a beautiful Sunday morning, the birds are chirping, the sky is blue and the sun is shining. Thousands of people are all congregating into the church. The priest greets various people as they walk into the church. Thomas, an older man in his 50's stopsin the talk to the priest. "Good morning, father." "Good morning, my son" says the priest. "We got the whole family here today, looking forward to hearing the word of god." "Ahh, everyone reunited on this particular day, what a joyous occasion." The priest winks at Thomas. "I'll make sure to make this morning's sermon extra special." Thomas heads in church and through thebeautiful glass hallways, and finds his pew, where Maria, his wife, is sitting." "Where's Christopher?" Thomas looks around anxiously. "Relax, honey he'll be here he gave us his word." Down the glass hallway Christopher Martin age 28, stands in his army uniform. Christopher had returned from overseas, having served two consecutive terms overseas in Iraq. Christopher could feel something in his stomach and assumed it was just butterflies. Christopher walks a little bit forward and clinches his stomach, he's in a lot of pain, but tries to ignore it and enters the church. He finds his father and mother."Dad" as he brushes by Thomas. He gives his Mom a big hug. "Mom, it's been a long time, I've missed you." Thomas holds onto his son. "Son it's nice to see you, and I am sorry about everything." Thomas tries to be understanding. As Christopher is about to say something they are interrupted by the priest and the playing of the organs as the Church is starting. They all stand. The priest very slowly blesses each aisle as he makes his way up to the front. The glass is shining particularly bright on Christopher. As The priest approaches the podium, he asks that everyone is seated. "Good Morning, God has given us..." Christopher stands. "Sit down right now!" Thomas grabs Christopher. Christopher screams out and clenches his stomach. All of a sudden his eyes roll to the back of his head, his face and body turn red, a white light emanates from his body. After the white light, everybody in the church is dead from being in a massive explosion like a bomb went off. Body parts are scattered all over the place. There is not one survivor. Christopher's body however is no where to be seen. From the outside, the church looks like it got hit by a massive bomb. The building is unrecognizable, it is so badly burned. Clouds were starting to cover up the sky.


Basilica of the National Shrine